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Women's Health Specialist

Sheremet Gashi, MD

Internal Medicine & Internal Medicine located in North Arlington, NJ

Women's health needs can vary dramatically from men's needs, especially as they approach and enter menopause. As a leading internist in Bergen County, Dr. Sheremet Gashi helps women maintain optimal health throughout every stage of life, providing comprehensive women's health care at Patients First in North Arlington, NJ.

Women's Health Q & A

What does a women's health doctor do?

A women's health doctor is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of issues that occur solely or more commonly in women, and in recognizing disease symptoms that differ in women compared to men. Women's health needs can vary dramatically from men's needs, especially as they get older. Some diseases like heart disease cause different symptoms in women that can make it more difficult to diagnose. A women's healthcare provider has experience in women's health issues and can recommend medical screenings, tests and care based on each woman's unique needs throughout every stage of her life.

What happens during a women's health exam?

Health exams for women include many of the same tests and screenings as those used for men, but they also include additional assessments aimed at the unique needs of women. Standard assessments like weight and blood pressure measurements will be recorded, heart and lungs will be evaluated with a stethoscope, and the belly area will be gently palpated for signs of tenderness or bloating. In addition, a clinical breast exam or pelvic exam may be performed, and recommendations will be made for health screenings depending on the woman's age and other risk factors. Professional guidance will also be provided concerning sexual health, birth control, STD prevention, menopause and other topics to help each patient enjoy optimal health and wellness.

What kinds of health screenings are important for women?

In addition to clinical breast exams and pelvic exams, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends annual blood pressure screenings, cholesterol screenings, Pap tests and HPV tests, mammograms, colorectal cancer screenings, bone density testing and blood glucose testing at specific ages and intervals throughout a woman's lifetime. The frequency of each type of test will be determined by the individual patient's age and risk factors, and a schedule of recommended routine tests and screenings will be discussed during the office visit.